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Fuseta Fishing

Sport Fishing


At Fuseta Fishing, we are prepared to provide you an unforgettable day of fishing in the clear waters of the Algarve.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is done all year round, on the stone of the barrel about 5 miles from the rifle at a depth of about 30 meters.

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing is done about 4 miles from the fuseta from 6 pm to 10 pm in the months of September, October and November.

Big Game Fishing

It is made between 4 and 12 miles in the months of June to October fishing for white marlin, dorado, tuna, bonito and blue marlin.

Big Game Fishing - Sharks

It is made between 4 miles and 12 miles from the coast in the months of June to October shark fishing with natural bait and sardine bait.

Specialized Boat

Boat Marco Luis.

The yacht Marco Luis I meets all the facilities and equipment for a great fishing day.
You will be guided by the sea men over twenty years of experience in sport fishing.

Meet the Captain

Project of Vitor Luis

Fuseta Fishing is a Professional Service of Sport Fishing Guide, from Captain Vitor Luís. Dedicated to provide you a pleasant and unforgettable fishing experience, Captain Vitor conveys his passion in everything he does. The yacht Marco Luis I meets all the facilities and equipment for a great fishing day.

Captain Vitor Luís has a vast knowledge of the sea in this area, which has a large variety of fish, where he can provide you a day of wonderful fishing.

He is a coast boss for over 18 years and has proved his fishing knowledge and skills, having won several fishing contests.

We recommend this service to all lovers of fishing and the Ria Formosa.

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- Ana Barbosa

Fuseta Fishing


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